V3 pro scooter can ride, slide and push children in one car and three uses

V3 pro scooter can ride, slide and push children in one car and three uses

Are children in the United States obsessed with Cooghi Bike V3 pro scooter three-in-one children's scooter? There are three ways to play with a car; you have to ask what children like to play with the most. The answers given by each mother are different. Once these mothers get together with their "followers," they will tell you a few higher answers in unison, such as playing with sand and fishing for small fish, car.

This children's pro scooter has three functions: riding, sliding, and pushing. It can be freely switched between riding and sliding. After adding a push rod, it can also be transformed into a small stroller. After removing the outer packaging, I found four standard parts: the seat, the T handle, the push rod, and the chassis. Each piece is very magical and can be assembled flexibly.

The height of the 3 wheel scooter can be adjusted according to the baby's size. It can be changed in three stages through the insertion position between the seat and the wheel. The adjustment range in riding mode is 30-37Inch,

Glide: 35-43Inch free adjustment. This scooter can meet the needs of babies at different growth stages, from 1 year old to 5 years old.

 Cooghi V3 scooter for kids height adjustable for 1-5 years old putter anytime detachable trolley control any direction


The transition between gliding mode and riding mode is easy without tools. Open the calipers, turn the seat to a horizontal position, and lock the calipers. Then press and hold the button, pull out the T handle, change the part of the T handle, and complete the entire conversion process. In addition, the Cooghi Bike uses a more comfortable T handle, which is super suitable for children to grasp and will not slip.

In addition, Cooghi Bike also designed a push rod made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and there is a hidden button switch at the handle, which can flexibly adjust the length of the push rod, supporting the adjustment range of 29-38Inch. The body is connected to the push rod and becomes a small cart, which is very convenient.

The seat cushion of this scooter for kids can bear 44lb. It adopts a unique saddle-shaped design, and the curve perfectly fits the baby's buttocks. In addition, it is made of comfortable EVA material, which is super elastic. 

In the sliding mode, the anti-skid performance of the pedals is critical. The pedals of the Cooghi Bike, scooter for kids, are marked with raised English letters of "Cooghi Bike," and the embossed thickening can effectively prevent slipping. , The pedals are imported PP/FG (steel sheet) pedals. The maximum load-bearing capacity of standing sliding is 110lb, wear-resistant, non-toxic, odorless, and heat-resistant. Children can use it up to 5 years old, no problem at all.

There are many things worthy of praise, such as its strong-grip rear wheel and brake device. To avoid sudden braking and side fall, the Cooghi Bike V3 pro scooter has carefully designed the rear wheel to brake slowly. It can stop safely, won't roll over, and is stable.


Cooghi V3 kick scooter three-in-one can ride, slide, push Baoma to push it without bending over and effortlessly control any direction


In addition, Cooghi Bike's three-in-one scooter uses shock-absorbing wheels that are also a highlight. During the sliding process, the tires make very little noise, and even if the child is sliding at home, it will not disturb family members and neighbors. The diameter of the front wheel is 4.7 inches, the grip is firm, the bump is small, and it is not easy to fall, and the tire is made of solid PU material; no need to inflate, and there is no risk of a tire blowout, easy to hold on gravel roads, cement roads, Dirt roads, marble roads, tile floors.

The car's chassis adopts a stable triangular design, with two large wheels in front so that the child will not catch their feet when sliding, and a small revolution in the back makes turning more flexible. Safer for children under five who need to exercise their balance.

Not only that, but considering the safety of children playing, an anti-collision pad is specially designed at the front end of the scooter. In the event of an accidental impact, the place on the front of the scooter can effectively buffer strong shocks and prevent the baby from falling. In addition, there is a gravity steering switch at the bottom of the front of the car. When the baby wants to turn, hold the T handle to tilt the body and rely on gravity to complete the steering. For younger babies or beginners with a poor sense of balance, it is recommended to press the PUSH button to lock to avoid the steering wheel being too flexible to fall sideways; for older children, it can be unlocked, flexibly turn according to gravity, and exercise balance ability, when opening, press the black triangle button above the PUSH button to restore gravity steering.

Glide mode, ride mode, cart mode

Summary of use: The most prominent feature of this scooter is the dual use of riding + sliding, which is equivalent to buying two ike for one price to meet the different needs of children; riding, sliding, and pushing. One car has three uses. In addition, many places in this stroller can reassure parents, such as brakes, steering, mute, materials, etc. Even the color of the body is very trendy.

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