1, Q:  How to switch the mode ?

A: Converting from sitting to upright position is as simple as unlocking the lever on the front and turning the handle-bar from ride-on to scoot mode. No tools required and easily.

2, Q: Would it be okay for a kid over 3 years and up ?

A: This actually depends on the kid’s weight and height. When in upright position, the max load is 110lbs (50kg); but it will take only 44lbs (20kg) when it switch to sit-on position. Both height better no higher than 47.5 inch (120cm ).

3, Q:  How to adjust the height ?

A: Locate the lock/unlock button below the seat tube, unlock it, then push and hold the switches on both sides, pull up the tube to the level you want, release the switches , lock the button, done!

4, Q: Can children complete the assembly on their own?

A: Yes, but we recommend that parents and kids do the assemble together. This is a good parenting time.

5, Q: Is the scooter safe enough ?

A: Very safe for material used and designed. It passed the EN71 safety test. But we still recommend that parents be around and with protective gear when kids use them .

6, Q: How to maintain good condition of using ?

A: Keep it clean with soft wet rag, and lubricate bearings regularly. Check every time before your kids ride it out and maybe tighten the loose screws.

7, Q: Can it be played in rain and snow?           

A: Yes, of course. But not usually, it’s not safe, and the lifetime might be shorten. It can be rode inside the house when the weather is bad.

8, Q: What are the warranty and return terms?

A:Warranty: The spare parts damaged when the goods are sold under normal use, support one year warranty, and free replacement parts, with the customer bears the freight; for the repaired goods, the warranty service is still available within the warranty period or within 3 months after the completion of the repair.

Non-warranty scope:The product has exceeded the warranty period; product damage caused by failure to follow the normal instructions for installation, use, maintenance and maintenance; exceeding the maximum load-bearing range indicated by the product or other product damage caused by man-made causes; damage to the product due to irresistible natural factors such as earthquakes, fires, lightning strikes, etc.The customer sends back the damage caused by transportation, loading and unloading during the return.

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