How to Enjoy Your Family Trip?

How to Enjoy Your Family Trip?

How to Enjoy Your Family Trip?

The secret is COOGHI Kids Rolling Boarding Luggage.

There are 3 points matters:

1, Automatic rebound shrink band,turns the luggage into a walking-baby item. When the child sit on the top of the box, parents can easily pull. This function could definitely keep parents away from anxiety during the journey.

COOGHI luggage for kids and children, traveling around

2, Small body with 20L storage capacity. 20L spacious interior to store essentials for the kid. It also helps children improve their storage ability in packing things by themselves, become a little traveler!

20L capacity of cooghi kids luggage

3, Stepping Board for Children. The 5-level height-adjustable device makes the luggage a stepping board for kids resting on a journey. If your kid wants to have a rest during a flight, or high-speed railway travel, it helps a lot.

Rest on COOGHI children luggage
Last but not least, enjoy every day!

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