Balance Bike for Over 6 years old

Here is Cooghi balance bike specially developed for children over 6 years old. Children in this age group have already reached a relatively good level of self-control, and their self-protection ability has made great progress. With the acceleration of their exploration, the specifications of the balance bike need to be higher to meet their needs, so the Cooghi S5 competition-level balance bike was born. You read that right, the S5 balance bike can be used as a competition, and its smoothness, controllability, and durability can fully meet the requirements of the competition.

Are you ready? Your child is sprinting for a championship on the track, and you are proud parents. You can also check out balance bikes for ages 2-6, here are more balance bikes for everyday use. More cost-effective, absolutely guaranteed quality.
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Cooghi S5 Green Competition Grade Kids Balance Bike
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