The founder is a treasure daddy who loves sports, pursues trends, and is passionate about life. When he went to buy a baby stroller for his child as a birthday gift, he found that the products on the market were lacklustre.
'I can’t find my favourite product. When I came home and saw the smooth lines of the sports car parked in the yard, I had a sudden inspiration. If the baby stroller also has such a cool design, the child will love it very much.'
So the founder decided to make a cool, design-conscious baby bike brand-COOGHI. In 2018, COOGHI released its first product, and it became trendy. COOGHI expects that every time children use our products developed with great concentration, they can enjoy the fun of sports and sweat. Let children build up the qualities of independence, self-confidence, courage and tenacity, and the courage to try.

COOGHI Trendy Scooter for Toddlers 

Most popular scooter-3in1 scooter

COOGHI Balance Bike 

COOGHI balance bike for toddlers and kids

COOGHI Travel Box for Kids

COOGHI Travel Box for Kids

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