Cooghi 20 Inch F1 Kids Road Bike for Ages 8-13

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Color - Cooghi Green

Cooghi 20 Inch kids road bike is suitable for children aged 8-13, it has the following special design:

1. Cooghi F1 children's bicycle frame is made of aerospace-grade magnesium alloy, both light and solid, magnesium alloy weight is 1/3 lighter than the same volume of aluminum alloy, lighter than the same volume of carbon steel 3/4, 16-inch bicycle weight is 8.2KG. gradient color pearl paint, solid paint, more fashionable appearance.
2. Cooghi adopts an innovative closed chain drive design, allowing the transmission equipment to reduce external friction and make riding more energy-efficient. The adjustable saddle, seat post, and slack seat-tube angle make for easy, tool-free adjustments.
3. Front & rear mechanical double disc brake configuration, more sensitive brakes, high braking, safer riding, for the safety of the child escort. Innovative invisible brake design, the brake line is not exposed, the beauty and safety is higher. Favorable assembly and more minimalist appearance.
4. Cooghi kids road bikes is designed just for kids: lighter frame, adjustable seat height cushion can accompany the child's growth, perfectly match the height of different ages kids, to give childrens long-term daily exercise support. Seat height of 43.5-63.5cm, recommended height 100-135cm, max. weight 110 pounds.
5. Cooghi kids bike is is perfect for riding to the park or riding on the sidewalk around the neighborhood. 16-inch CST rubber pneumatic tires, tires more wear-resistant, longer life cycle, to give children long-term daily exercise support. Wheel size is 16 inches in diameter and 45mm in width.