Cooghi 16 Inch F1 Toddler Bike with Training Wheels

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Color - Cooghi Green
Appropriate outdoor activities can enhance the development of children's morality and intelligence, so Cooghi designed a lightweight children's bicycle F1 for beginners, allowing children to grow while riding. Imitation sports car-level lines, giving children a unique aesthetic experience. Innovatively creating hidden brake lines to escort children's safety. The toddler bike with training wheels is designed to make beginners ride more stable and more conducive to the transition to a bike without training wheels. Cooghi F1 Kids Bicycle will accompany children's growth from 4 to 8 years old.

Weight: 8.2kg

● The frame is made of lighter and stronger aerospace-grade magnesium alloy
● Equipped with removable training wheels
● Innovative closed chain drive design for easier riding
● Front and rear mechanical double disc brake configuration, the brake is more sensitive
● Height adjustable seat cushion
● CST rubber pneumatic tire, the tire is more wear-resistant and has a longer life cycle
● With a V-shaped frame that imitation sports car-level lines
● No tools assembly & adjustment
● Geometry and parts engineered for kids proportions
● Cooghi unique color & Imitation sports car line design
● Loved by 300000+ families in 23 countries

● Ideal Child Height: 115-135cm

● Age Range: 4-8

● Wheel specifications: 16-inch pneumatic tires

● Saddle height: 43.5cm-63.5cm

● Speed ratio: 28 teeth for the front disc; 16 teeth for the rear flywheel

● The frame can bear up to 590KG

Customer Reviews

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If you want a bike that can bring children more confidence, look no further than this Bike ! My daughter had been struggling to ride without training wheels, but as soon as she hopped on this bike, something magical happened. The bike's balanced design and comfortable seat gave her the stability and control she needed to ride confidently. Seeing her joy and newfound confidence is priceless. This bike is a fantastic choice for empowering young riders!


Parents, if you want to instill confidence in your children,this bike is the perfect choice! I purchased this bike for my son, who was a bit timid when it came to cycling. However, the smooth ride and adjustable features of this bike boosted his confidence in no time. With each ride, he became more self-assured, mastering balance and coordination effortlessly. This bike truly delivers on its promise to bring children more confidence. Give your child the gift of empowerment with this bike

The bike is just the right size

I need to walk with her in my arms and it's exhausting. This toddler tricycle has greatly solved my problem, and now I can easily push her around. And when my daughter gets older, I can easily convert the trike into a balance bike, which is great. Sincerely recommend.


This bike can bring children more confidence! My little one was initially hesitant to ride a bicycle, but after getting Bike A, their confidence soared! The sturdy frame and easy-to-use features made it a breeze for them to learn and master riding. Now, they zoom around with a big smile on their face, feeling accomplished and proud. I highly recommend Bike A for boosting your child's confidence!

my ideal bike

At first glance, I thought it was a great bike with a new color and look. The details are well made, and the brake lines are hidden inside the bike without affecting the appearance at all. Been using Cooghi products all the time.