Cooghi 28" Skateboard Pro for Beginner

Color - Cooghi Green
Cooghi 28" Skateboard Pro designed for skate beginners! Let children feel the competitive spirit in skateboarding, inspire kid's courage, and build independent self-confidence. Equipped with a colorful luminous wheel, light up when you slide. Cooghi is committed to accompanying children in outdoor sports.

Weight: 2.15kg

● Professional skateboard for kids/teens
● Meets competition-level professional skateboard standards
● Equipped with light-emitting wheel without charging
● Classic double warped deep gravure
● Standard U-shaped foot socket is easy to control
● 7 layers of northeast maple, strong and not easy to break
● The front of the skateboard is made of non-slip sandpaper to increase the friction of the skateboard surface
● The wheels are made of professional high-elastic wear-resistant PU wheels
● Professional ABEC-7 bearing
● 5-inch high toughness large V alloy bracket
● Overall waterproof and abrasion resistant

● Ideal Child Height: 115-135cm

● Age Range: 3-8

● Load bearing: ≤100kg

● Product size: 71.5*19.5*13

● Aluminum alloy bracket: 5 inches

● PU wheel: 52mm

● Skateboard Bridge: 8.0

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Mike Smith
Awesome Board

This skateboard is one of the best boards I've owned. The deck has a nice amount of flex and the wheels roll smoothly. I would definitely recommend this board to any skater, whether they're just starting out or have been skating for years.

Sarah Johnson
Great Quality Board for Beginners

I've been skating for a few years now and I recently purchased the Cooghi Skateboard. I have to say, I'm impressed with the quality of the board. The deck is nice and sturdy. The graphics are also really cute. I would definitely recommend this board to both beginners and pros.

Jack T.
Great board for tricks!

I've been skating for years and this board is perfect for doing tricks. It's really lightweight and has a nice pop to it. The deck is really sturdy and can take a beating. I highly recommend this board to any advanced skater.

Sophia Davis
Awesome skateboard for beginners!

I just got into skateboarding and this board is perfect for me. It's easy to ride and feels really stable. I love the design too, it looks super cool. I highly recommend this board to anyone just starting out.

Rides Like a Dream!

This 28 inch scooter glides smoothly and handles turns with ease, I love riding it!