COOGHI Knee and Elbow Pads Set for Kids - Sakura Pink

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Cooghi Knee and Elbow Pads for Kids Safety Guards:

Multiple protection for all-round safety
Pads cover both elbows, both knees, and both palms, and a full range of professional protection to ensure that children play freely.

Ergonomic design for unrestricted movement
According to the body structure of children, according to ergonomic principles to create a comfortable bending arc, closely fit the elbows and knees, do not restrict the movement of joints to wear more comfortable movement more fluid.

Thickened fall-resistant shell does not fear accidents
The shell of the protective gear is made of thickened PP material is strong and wear-resistant to effectively offset the damage caused by accidental collisions and falls to protect children more safely in sports

Adjustable elasticity strap is not easy to slip
The new strap design can be freely adjusted for elasticity with high-quality Velcro so that the protective gear is not easy to fall off when the baby falls to prevent the protective gear from shifting to reduce sports injuries.

Skin-friendly and breathable fabric is not stuffy
Protective gear selected honeycomb mesh format breathable fabric, heat dissipation is stronger, baby sports not stuffy lining filled with thickened sponge has a good cushioning anti-shock effect to give more protection at the joints

Customer Reviews

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Great set of pads!

It is easy to find sets which do not include the wrist protectors, BUT this set does and it makes me happy. Protecting children is important and the durability of this cycle set is no exception to this paramount task. Protect their knees, elbows and wrists in hard plastic. Seems quite comfortable, our granddaughter shows no stress about wearing these. Coupled with her pink helmet, we hope she will enjoy what grandma and grandpa have done for her.

Protects the body

Got this for my child for Christmas to use with skateboards. Strong and durable and has saved some knees and elbows. Would recommend for any bike, scooter, skateboard, ect.