Cooghi Multifunctional Child Luggage

Color - Baby Blue
Cooghi innovatively creates multi-functional children's luggage that is different from traditional luggage. Give parents and children a happier travel experience. Towable/ Rideable/ Shoulderable Functional Children's Luggage.

Weight: 3.1kg

● Multifunctional Child Luggage: Can ride, slide or shoulder
● 5-level height adjustment; can be used to step foot
● With a variety of creative stickers, you can freely design the luggage style
● Mute universal wheel flexibly steers, and the baby can easily control it.
● Saddle arc box top makes riding more comfortable.
● Soft rubber hand-pulled belt to prevent slipping & rolling over.
● The top of the box also has storage, making the partition storage cleaner

● Age Range: 3-8

● Capacity: 20L

● Bearing: Riding and sliding bearing 0-50kg;
Shoulder bearing 0-15kg1.

● Material: ABS

● Wheel: front wheel universal wheel; rear wheel fixed wheel

● Body strap: soft rubber material

● Straps: Nylon

● Scope of application: airport, cabin, subway, high-speed rail, train, train station, etc