Cooghi Q1 Scooter for Toddlers Ages 3-13

$89.99 Regular price $129.99
Color - Cooghi Green

Reasons why this Cooghi Q1 scooter for toddlers will be loved by you:

1. The body can be folded in one piece, arriving free of installation, easy-to-store travel more convenient.
2. The handle can be adjusted without tools 3 gear height, according to the height of the baby to adjust the appropriate gear.
3. Intelligent gravity steering anti-rollover, handle to the left and right gently pressed to turn, glide more safely.
4. Widened soft LED light-emitting wheels, skating more stable and safer, soft light is not blinding, and safer night travel.
5. Can exercise the child's balance, enhance the child's ability to react and promote leg development, and develop the child's confidence and courageous qualities.
6. Silent wheel, you don't have to worry about disturbing the neighbors downstairs when playing at home.