Cooghi R1 Classic Light up Roller Skates

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Color - Cooghi Green
Roller skating will help your child develop excellent balance and strengthen bones, joints and muscles. Children who exercise regularly sleep better and have stronger immune systems.

When you see your sporty kids skating around the rink in the beautiful Cooghi R1 classic light up roller skates. You will be attracted by their smiling faces. The Cooghi classic style roller skates are available in three colours, green, blue and pink. Pink roller skates are more popular with girls.

Weight: 1.88kg

● Double turn buckle design, easy to put on and take off
● Adjustable in four sizes
● Competitive & Leisure mode adjustable wheels
● PU luminous wheels
● Free locking wheel rubber stopper
● One-piece professional knife holder
● High elastic retractable liner
● 360-degree circulation ventilation system
● Foot pads for decompression and shock absorption
● ABEC-7 professional precision bearing
● Fully wrapped hard shell safety protection
● Removable right foot brake
● Straps for heel lifts

● Age Range: 5-9

● Load bearing: ≀100kg

● Suitable shoe size: suitable for sizes 28-31.

● Suitable for foot length: 19-20.5cm

● The hardness of the roller skate wheel is 85A (high elasticity, wear-
resisting and explosion-proof)

● Product size: 29.5*11*27cm

● Tool holder length: 24cm

● Height of shoes (the distance from the highest point to the ground): 27cm

● Beginner Mode:
Diameter of the middle two wheels: 60mm
Front and rear wheel diameter: 62mm

● Figure skating mode:
Diameter of the middle two wheels: 62mm
Front and rear wheel diameter: 60mm

Customer Reviews

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So good skates!

The stability and wrapping of the skates are really good, which can protect the children's ankles.

Recommended roller skates

My daughter loves these roller skates, I bought her the green ones, she loves the color. The experience of her feet is very good. She has slipped on it several times and has not had any quality problems so far. The customer service staff told me that if there is a problem within one month, I will replace it with a new one for free, and I will continue to pay attention.

Great Skates and Better Value

My daughter literally wears these every second she can. She has beaten them up, fell a number of times, but they keep working as well as the day we got them. She loves that they glow when she rides. They glide well and her feet don’t hurt like in other skates.


These kids in-line skates are fantastic for beginners! The customer service was helpful and friendly, and the skates are well-made and easy to use. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality pair of skates for their children.


The customer service for these kids in-line skates was fantastic! They were patient and helpful in helping me choose the right size and style for my kids. The skates themselves are perfect for beginners and have held up well.

Product Description


● 4 sizes adjustable fit for growing feet, you don't have to worry that your kid won't able to wear them after a year of use. Size information for your reference: Size J11.5-1.5, for foot length 7-8in (180-205 mm)

● Our Multi-Protection system make this sport safer for children/beginners. The knob-adjusting system and PP upper make our rollerblades super unique and chic.

● Every kid will also love the illuminating wheels that will light up automatically when skating, this adds more fun and extra protection for them!

This activity will help children to develop excellent balance skills, build strong bones, joints, and muscles, which helps prevent obesity. Children who exercise regularly sleep better and have stronger immune systems.

You will be very happy to see your child's smiling face, when she/he is skating in the rink wearing these exquisite inline skates.