Cooghi R1 Graffiti Adjustable Inline Skates

Color - Graffiti
Roller skating activities will help children develop excellent balance skills and build strong bones, joints and muscles. Children who exercised regularly slept better and had more robust immune systems.

You will also be charged by the smiling faces of children who love sports as they skate around the rink wearing the beautiful Cooghi R1 Graffiti Adjustable Inline Skates.

Weight: 1.88kg

● Double turn buckle design, easy to put on and take off
● Adjustable in 4 sizes
● Competitive & Leisure mode adjustable wheels
● PU luminous wheels
● Free locking wheel rubber stopper
● One-piece professional knife holder
● High elastic retractable liner
● 360-degree circulation ventilation system
● Foot pads for decompression and shock absorption
● ABEC-7 professional precision bearing
● Fully wrapped hard shell safety protection
● Removable right foot brake
● Straps for heel lifts

● Age Range: 3-8

● Load bearing: ≤100kg

● Suitable shoe size: suitable for sizes 28-31.

● Suitable for foot length: 19-20.5cm

● The hardness of the roller skate wheel is 85A (high elasticity, wear-resisting and explosion-proof)

● Product size: 29.5*11*27cm

● Tool holder length: 24cm

● Height of shoes (the distance from the highest point to the ground): 27cm

● Beginner Mode:
Diameter of the middle two wheels: 60mm
Front and rear wheel diameter: 62mm

● Figure skating mode:
Diameter of the middle two wheels: 62mm
Front and rear wheel diameter: 60mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

I bought this roller skates for my son. It is great quality, and my son likes it so much. He is been practicing in the house since we got them for a few hours a day. These skates are perfect for beginners for the price, with the light up wheels, which is a surprise! It is also comfortable to wear!


Got is for my eight-year-old son that has been using regular skates and he is obsessed with his roller blades!! Comfortable, glide easily, safe and they light up! Recommend!


I picked these up for my daughter as her first pair of inline skates. She fits the smallest size available. I really like that these skates can be adjusted larger so this will allow her to wear these longer as her feet grow. My daughter is 6 and skinny so i cut about an inch off the plastic buckle at the top of each skate to fit her skinny legs. There is plenty of adjustment room left for her as she grows. The skate fit her well and while she is not a good skater yet these are very good for her and she loves the color.


I ordered these light up bunny roller blades for my six year old daughter who has been learning how to skate for a while. This is her first pair of roller blades, and I couldn’t be more impressed. These are high quality skates. No matter how rough she is with them, they don’t show much of any wear. Plus, they’re stable and have great ankle support. My daughter absolutely loves these bunny skates and how they light up. These shoes are bright, colorful, and everything that she could ever want. With them being adjustable, I don’t have to worry about buying new ones for a long time. Overall, I highly recommend these roller blades for any kids out there. The price can’t be beat for the quality.

Treva Hay

They are comfortable and solid, easy to tighten around feet and ankles for good stability. I'm very happy with them and they were a great price. Super recommendation. After-sales service is also very good, they are very patient