Cooghi S5 Competition Grade Kids Balance Bike for Ages Over 6

$319.99 Regular price $359.99
Color - Cooghi Green

1. Glossy finish, solid paint, more stylish appearance.
2. PU saddle-type seat, the baby does not get tired of sitting for a long time, riding more comfortable.
3. 360 degree handlebar unrestricted steering, race configuration , to meet a variety of play free movement more smoothly.
4. High-density magnesium alloy one-piece frame, competition standards, hydraulic one-piece molding load-bearing up to 50KG.
5. Precision double Perrin hubs, low rolling resistance ride more smooth, ultra-smooth precision bearing wheelset race a step faster.
6. Removable handle, packaging occupies a smaller area, handle seat 3 block height adjustment, suitable for different ages and heights of babies.
7. Rubber inflatable tires, tires more wear-resistant, shock absorption function, longer use cycle, to give children long-term daily exercise support.
8. The frame is made of aerospace-grade magnesium alloy, both light and solid, magnesium alloy weight than the same volume of aluminum alloy to light 1/3 of the lighter than the same volume of carbon steel 3/4.
9. The frame has shock absorbing mechanism, baby riding more comfortable, bumpy road riding is not bumpy, improve the fun of riding, for the safety of children escort.
10. The size of the pedals can be replaced, small pedals for novice, beginner baby, to be skilled after the baby can try skillful movements can be replaced by large pedals ~