Cooghi V2 Classic 2-in-1 Kids Scooter

Color - Cooghi Green
Cooghi V2 Classic 2-in-1 Kids Scooter is designed with Lean-To-Steer to provide a stable riding experience and help toddlers & kids to master balance and coordination more scientifically. It has 2 modes includes: kids scooter mode and balance bike mode. Cooghi ushered in a new era of foldable kids scooters.

Weight: 2.8kg

● 2 Modes: Balance Bike /Scooter
● Easily to switch 2 modes; No tool needed.
● Lean-to-steer Scooter
● Simply fold up & assembly
● Quick-release adjustable T-bar (handlebar) grows with your child
● Lightweight & Strong material - Aluminum Alloy material
● Silicone handle gloves, soft and skin-friendly
● Geometry and parts engineered for kids proportions
● Cooghi unique color & Imitation sports car line design
● Loved by 300000+ families in 23 countries

● Ideal Child Height: 76-110cm

● Age Range: 1-5

● Adjustable height in different modes:
✔ Scooter mode height: (handle distance from the ground)
▸ Level 1: 61cm
▸ Level 2: 63.2cm
▸ Level 3: 65.5cm
✔ Balance bike mode height: (handle distance from the ground)
▸ Level 1: 38.5cm
▸ Level 2: 40.5cm
▸ Level 3: 42.5cm

● Seat height adjustment range: (the seat cushion to the ground)

● Suitable age in different modes:
✔ Scooter mode:
Height range:76-95cm
Age range:1-2.5
✔ Balance bike mode:
Height range:90-110cm
Age range:2-5

● Load bearing:
Seat cushion:≤ 20kg

● Seat plate width: about 11cm
Pedal width: about 12cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Daniel Monreal

My 2 year old daughter loves her new scooter. She got used to it in a day. It’s really sturdy. It was really easy to finish getting it together after it arrived. I highly recommend.


I’ve purchased over 5 scooters for my kids and none of them were as smooth or sturdy as the cooghi scooter! My kids seemed to have so much trouble with all their previous scooters, that I thought it was just them being uncoordinated. But when they tried their cousin’s cooghi scooter, I saw how they were able to smoothly maneuver and ride it. It’s totally worth the price!

Flower Williams

Overall great product, rolls smoothly on concrete, wood and tile. Includes light up wheels as it rolls and has a small seat for your little one to scoot along on. Only drawback is that it has a little bit hard to lean to turn a corner.

Jeanine Souva

This scooter is a very good quality one! My kid, who is 4, rides his scooters very hard at the skate park. He loves to try and do just tricks as well, which is sometimes hard as the scooters with 3 wheels are generally a bit heavier than the size of the rider. This scooter is the lightest weight one we have owned so far, out of 3 others.Overall he has rode it almost daily for a week now and has many hours on it and many tricks on it, going at high speeds down hills on the skate park, and it is holding up and riding beautifully. I am very pleased with this purchase.


Recommend for ages 2-5 years. My son loves this scooter over all mobility is great for his age. I got it for his fourth birthday. I’m also able to adjust the handle height and change the mode, so that his sister can ride it occasionally. Would highly recommend.