Cooghi V3 Pro 3-in-1 Kids Scooter - Cooghi Green

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Color - Cooghi Green
Cooghi V3 Pro 3-in-1 Kids Scooter is designed with Lean-To-Steer to provide a stable riding experience and help toddlers & kids to master balance and coordination more scientifically. It has 3 modes includes kids scooter mode, balance bike mode, and baby stroller mode. Cooghi ushered in a new era of foldable kids scooters.

Weight: 3.6kg

● 3 Modes: Balance Bike /Scooter / Baby Stroller
● Easily to switch 3 modes, no tool needed.
● Adds the push handle function
● Lean-to-steer Scooter
● Double spring steering, effectively prevents rollover.
● Flashing PU wheels - cool and safe to travel at night
● Simply fold up & assembly
● Quick-release adjustable T-bar (handlebar) grows with your child
● Light weight & Strong material - Aluminum Alloy material
● Silicone handle gloves, soft and skin-friendly
● Geometry and parts engineered for kids proportions
● Cooghi unique colour & Imitation sports car line design
● Loved by 300000+ families in 23 countries

● Ideal Child Height: 76-110cm

● Age Range: 1-5

● Adjustable height in different modes:
✔ Scooter mode height: (handle distance from the ground)
▸ Level 1: 61cm
▸ Level 2: 63.2cm
▸ Level 3: 65.5cm
✔ Balance bike & Baby Stroller mode height: (handle distance from the ground)
▸ Level 1: 38.5cm
▸ Level 2: 40.5cm
▸ Level 3: 42.5cm

● Seat height adjustment range: (the seat cushion to the ground)

● Putter height adjustment range: 71-93cm

● Load bearing:
Seat cushion:≤ 20kg

● Seat plate width: about 11cm
Pedal width: about 12cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Jones James

The color is very bright. This car is very popular. I feel that the baby has it. The color is brighter. Don’t worry about the quality at all. The big brand is trustworthy. It’s a very good car. I can change to other models in the future.


The color is very beautiful, the fruit green is very eye-catching! After installation, the child is very stable no matter how he rides on it. The silent effect of the wheels is very good, and there is no sound at all on the floor. It is worth having, five-star praise!


My baby nephew bought really super like very nice customer service sister very patient good review because I do not know much about children's things patiently explained for me also help me transfer the goods In short, customer service sister super praise car car also super praise wait for the nephew and then some big into the purchase of other styles to lock your home.


This children's scooter value is very high, the workmanship is very fine. I saw a lot of different scooters in the community and finally chose Cooghi, a price is worth a penny the truth remains the same. Mainly this has 3 kinds of play, a few years old can play so spend the money is worth it! Recommended to everyone.

Vicky Ford

Cooghi V3 Pro 3-in-1 Kids Scooter - Cooghi Green

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