Cooghi V4 Classic 4-in-1 Baby Scooter

Color - Cooghi Green

1. Four-in-one baby scooter, with four modes of balance bike, scooter, stroller and walker. Easy and quick switching between the four modes is possible.

2. 10 months old baby can also use this baby scooter, and it can be used up to 5 years old. The 360° fence design is more secure. The PU material + durable cotton material used for the fence is very soft and durable.

3. The push rod is suitable for parents with a height of 59 inches-71 inches, which allows you to relax your hands and push the baby forward without holding him/her. The push rod can be disassembled freely.

4. The height of the balance bike mode and the scooter mode can be adjusted to three levels, suitable for babies of different ages and heights.

5. The saddle-shaped seat design conforms to ergonomics, and the silicone seat is very soft and comfortable, and your baby will not feel tired after sitting for a long time.

6. The difference with V4 Pro: The wheels of the V4 classic baby scooter do not emit light, and the wheels of the V4 Pro version can emit brilliant light when the scooter is working without batteries.

V4 Classic 4-in-1 Baby Scooter

Cooghi V4 classic baby scooter is a versatile kids scooter with endless possibilities for kids. Its unique 4-in-1 design allows kids to switch between scooter, balance bike, stroller and walker modes at will, depending on their needs. This scooter brings fun and convenience to kids, allowing them to explore, learn and develop through play. The function of the V4 classic baby scooter is the same as that of the V4 Pro. If you want a gorgeous luminous wheels, then please choose the V4 Pro.

Keep Kids Energetic and Happy

Cooghi V4 classic baby scooter offers an active way to move, allowing kids to unleash their energy and enthusiasm for the great outdoors. Inspire a sense of adventure in children by developing their confidence and independence, and create a positive and healthy growth experience for them.

Push Rod Height Adjustable

Cooghi V4 classic baby scooter has an adjustable push rod height, which provides a personalized experience for parents of different heights. This smart design allows parents to easily adjust the height of the push rod according to their height, ensuring their comfort and convenience when pushing the baby scooter. Regardless of the height of the parents, they can find the right putter height to create the best gliding experience for their children.

V4 Classic Baby Scooter More Detailed Design

Cooghi Baby Scooter is Becoming More and More Popular

Cooghi baby scooter is rapidly rising in popularity in the word, thanks to its excellent quality, innovative design and concept that emphasizes safety. As a stylish toy that can stimulate children's energy and exercise, Cooghi baby scooter has become the first choice of many families around the world. Cooghi scooter looks forward to witnessing your baby's growth with you.

Customer Reviews

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Cooghi V4 Classic 4-in-1 Baby Scooter


These scooters are so versatile and able to change up with growing kids.

Best Scooter!

This scooter is a versatile kids' scooter with endless possibilities for kids.


This toddler scooter is simply adorable! The design is perfect for little ones, and the quality is outstanding. My child loves riding it, and I'm impressed with how well it holds up. Highly recommended!

Satisfactory customer service

I originally purchased this V4 Classic and when I wanted to replace it with a light-up model a week after I got it home, I contacted Cooghi customer service Elvis, who agreed to replace it for me and I returned the V4 Classic. This really surprised me, great after-sales service.