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COOGHI /ku:ji/ was founded in 2018 by Jone(CEO), a sporty and trend-follower dad. When he wanted to buy the kids bike, he discovered the kids bike market severely lacks fashionable, multifunctional options. One day he saw a stylish car parked in the yard, which got him a big inspiration. The children must love it if it has the fashionable line and cool colors on the kids bike! So Jone took the plunge and founded COOGHI.

COOGHI hopes to be a brand to innovate and develop the kids bike market, which aims to integrate fashion and versatility for parents to choose. Now COOGHI is loved by 30 million families in 23 countries.

COOGHI hopes to have our encouragement and companionship on the way of children's growth.


Cooghi is committed to developing high-quality, well-designed, outdoor sports products. Currently, we have kids balance bikes, kids bicycles, kids scooters, kids tricycles and kids roller skates, etc. We focus on improving the usability of children's products and the functionality parents need.


• Cooghi is committed to developing high-quality, well-designed products. We focus on the adaptability of children and the functionality that parents need.

• Cooghi believes in being a trusted brand for parents and children

• Cooghi serves customers with generosity, justice and efficiency


Become the first choice of kids bike brand for parents