The Cooghi V4 children's walker and a scooter that mothers like

The Cooghi V4 children's walker and a scooter that mothers like

Cooghi V4 pro scooter is suitable for 1-5 years old, with a fence 4-in-1 for learning to walk, ride, slide, and push; it is a baby walker with a stunning design and is very popular among children's fathers and mothers.

Cooghi V4 is a 3 wheel scooter with good stability and is suitable for children aged 1-5 years. Because V4 can smoothly learn to walk, ride, slide, and implement on the ground, parents feel that this 4-in-1 purchase is very worthwhile and of excellent quality.

We often see children playing with all kinds of children's toy bike in the community and parks, but the scooter and yo-yos played by other children are easy to roll over and fall. Cooghi bike pro scooter is different because it is a 3 wheel scooter with a fence, and the clever design can always make parents so easy and worry-free.

Cooghi V4 pro scooter
Next, I will share with you the Cooghi bike V4 pro scooter:
Cooghi bike V4 selects high-quality raw materials, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, accompanies the baby's growth, the super-strong bearing seat bears 44lb, the pedal bears 110lb, glides with flashing wheels, glide freely, and the baby rides effortlessly run smoothly.

Cooghi bike V4 gravity steering intelligent turning anti-rollover. The car is steered by gravity, and the handle can be turned by gently pressing the left and right sides, which can effectively prevent rollover. The push rod steering principle is the same.

Cooghi bike V4 uses silent PU friction-resistant wheels, no noise, no damage to the floor, and no disturbance to the people when the baby is playing freely.

The body of the Cooghi bike V4 is ergonomically designed, with a saddle-shaped seat surface and a small PP wrap to relieve the pressure on the inner thighs after prolonged play.
The Cooghi bike V4 crash pad effectively absorbs shocks due to force rebound, buffers the strong shock caused by accidental impact, prevents forward-leaning, protects the spine from injury due to the impact force, and makes the baby slide more safely.

scooter for kids

Precautions for using Cooghi bike V4 scooter for kids:
1. Try to play on a smooth road:
Don't ride, slide, or push on rough roads, and it's not suitable for Cooghi bike V4 children's scooter. Try to take your baby to play on smooth floor tiles or streets.

2. Control the speed of riding Cooghi bike V4:
The baby should not be too fast when playing the Cooghi bike V4. Generally, keep an eye on the baby when going downhill. Don't let him ride or slide alone, especially downhill, and it is perilous. Even if you want to go downhill, parents should follow the baby closely to avoid danger.

3. Regularly check whether the wheels, frame, etc. are loose:
The safety of the baby's riding cannot be ignored, so it is necessary to regularly check the Cooghi bike V4 children's scooter to see if the frame is loose.

5. Do not let your baby ride or slide in dangerous places:
If the baby rides and slides the Cooghi bike V4 on the side of the road, it is easily difficult. Parents need to pay attention to their children's play. Because the children are ignorant and easy to ride on the flat road alone, it is perilous once a vehicle passes by. Or beside a ditch or a river.

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