V2 children's pro scooter can ride and slide from childhood to adulthood

V2 children's pro scooter can ride and slide from childhood to adulthood

Ms. Jones, who lives in Virginia, USA, bought a pro scooter at one and a half. She said she needed to take her baby to the community and the park to play daily. How about seeing big and small children playing on bicycles, balance bikes, and pro scooter?

Ms. Jones said she saw a COOGHI V2 multifunctional pro scooter, unique in two-in-one riding and skating. This scooter for kids can accompany children to grow up happily, and it can be used for 1-year-old toddlers to 5-year-old. Switch between two functional modes of sliding and riding.

COOGHI multifunctional scooter is a two-in-one, three-wheel, multifunctional  3 wheel scooter for children. In detail, the COOGHI scooter is a scooter that integrates the five characteristics of creativity, safety, comfort, balance, fun, and one-second transformation. Do you want to own one when you see it?

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The scooter is equal to the balance car and can be done with one click. From Xiaobao to Dabao, you can play whatever you want. The experience of the scooter is great, and the scooter becomes a balance bike in seconds. There is no pedal; only the tiny feet are on the ground, which is more exercise than pedaling a bicycle. Bones, muscles, and this car's structure are simple, it does not require much leg strength, and children will not feel too tired. Children under one year old can play as a walker, and they can be used when they grow up. Freeride.

There is a reason why children all over the world are playing with a scooter, the most significant benefit of scooter is to exercise their sense of balance, and children with poor credit are prone to falls, unsteady holding things, problems with sitting and standing, and the most important thing is the impact—brain intelligence. The balance car dramatically enhances the child's athletic ability and promotes brain development. Balance and coordination are very beneficial to developing language ability and improving left brain organization and logical ability (right brain).

How to choose a good car for a child? Some scooter are unattractive in color and appearance, and their appearance is not good. Moms really can't make it out. The most basic materials need to be more, the structural details are unreasonable, and they can't exercise balance and safety factors. Low, some are super expensive but can only be used for one to two years, and the children will not be able to use them when they grow up.

The following three types of mothers must be integrated to choose a  3 wheel scooter.
Fashion value type:
1. Fashion! This is the actual quality of the world in terms of appearance: excellent quality is king! When buying a toy car for a child, every detail must be scrutinized.

2. It is cost-effective. If a small car can be used for several years, can be adjusted in height, and can be used in multiple functions, it will be better. According to the above standards, it is not the most expensive, but the most correct one. So today, I recommend this COOGHI V2 multifunctional scooter to all moms.

COOGHI was born out of a father's whimsy, and an accidental idea made him want to create a fun and creative multifunctional scooter for kids. In the process of raising two children, the father found that the small space in the home was occupied by the children's scooter, bicycles, scooter, and other car toys, and the children liked the new and hated the old, and didn't play for a long time. Tired of throwing away. He couldn't help feeling: "It would be great if there were a car that could meet all the requirements of children!" An idea prompted him to start building the scooter for the kids he imagined. After two years of continuous design and modification, we finally made a multifunctional scooter for kids that can sit and slide.


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Why the COOGHI V2 two-in-one is strongly recommended to ride and slide:
1. Double the fun of riding and sliding:
The typical scooter only has the sliding mode. Generally, only the big baby over three years old can play. Babies under two can sit on it and ride on it, pushing forward with their legs and exercising their leg muscles. Triangle is the most stable structure; COOGHI has two large front wheels and one small rear wheel, forming a regular triangle that can stand on its own and is easier to maintain balance. It only takes two steps to complete the conversion efficiently: 1. Open the buckle and turn the "seat" 90°. 2. Remove the handle and replace it with the handle interface of the seat, and you are done. In addition to helping to exercise balance and sensory resilience, it also helps to cultivate hands-on ability and innovative consciousness. If one mode is boring, then change it by yourself. It is such a toy that children have been tinkering with since childhood, which is very beneficial to cultivate children's hands-on ability and creativity, and their sense of innovation starts from dolls.

2. The details are the best, scientific, safe, and considerate:
The scooter usually has its own gravity steering, the handlebar is biased to that side, and the wheels will slide to that side. This function is dangerous for babies whose balance is not very good. The gravity steering function of the COOGHI scooter is adjustable. Gravity steering anti-rollover + PU three-wheel anti-shock, in case of poor driving skills and accidentally hitting an obstacle, has an anti-collision cushion in front of it. It is equivalent to the "bumper" of this car. Gravity steering, intelligent turning, high-quality baby protection, anti-collision pads, shock mitigation, and strict quality certification.

3, to meet the child's growth stage:
It can be used from 1 year old to 5 years old. The height of this scooter is adjustable in three sections, which is more scientific. Let children enjoy the best car play experience and improve various abilities. Unlike many scooter, the child's height and motor skills are ignored. This scooter can be used from 1 year old to 5 years old. It is exciting to think about a good-looking car growing taller with the child. If you have a second child and you can continue to use it, you can use it as a skateboard for your brother and a bike for your younger brother. It really kills two birds with one stone!

4. Perfect design with high-end quality:
The installation of COOGHI is very convenient, and there is no need to worry about handicapped parties. No need to use any tools, you can switch between cycling and skateboarding, and the child can change it himself! After unboxing, there are only three parts: the base, the seat cushion, and the handle. Assemble these three pieces according to the drawings. The two screws provided with the car are only used when adjusting the crash pad for the first time, and it is not needed later. COOGHI's tires are solid tires that won't leak or need to be inflated, and they can cope with all kinds of road surfaces.

5. High appearance, fashionable atmosphere, full of sense of life:
The color is fashionable and atmospheric, and the fancy cartoon stroller is a few streets away. Both mother and child express their love for the COOGHI V2 children's  3 wheel scooter. The child can ride the car to accompany the mother in shopping, freeing the mother's hands. The body is very light, and the child can easily pick it up without pressure. Look at this beauty, and it looks good in any place in the house. Not only is it lightweight, but it also has a solid load-bearing capacity! The pedals can bear a maximum load of 110lb, and the seat can handle an entire burden of 44lb. To ensure the performance of the car, although this car is designed for children aged 1-5, both mothers and babies can try to slide. I didn't expect it to be so stable and turn so flexible.

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