Returned Product Sales Program

Welcome to Cooghi Returned Products Sales Program

Sometimes, products may be returned for some reasons, such as damaged packaging, or there may be some minor defects during transportation to the warehouse. In order to completely guarantee consumers' shopping experience, these products are never sold as completely new. However, we understand that these products still have great value and functionality.

Every month we sell some products to needy customers with a 60% discount, and we donate the rest to welfare organizations such as orphanages. We have carefully inspected each product to ensure they meet our quality standards. What we can assure you is that it will not affect your use at all. So you can shop with confidence and enjoy fantastic savings.

Use discount code " 60% OFF " at the checkout page to place your order.
If you need help please contact:
WhatsApp: +86 13378418579

Please Note the Right

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Join the Cooghi Returned Products Sale Program and get 60% off

Please Note:

1. When you use the "60% OFF" discount code, it means that you already know about the program.

2. We can guarantee that the function of the product is completely normal.

3. We do not accept returns for issues not related to product functionality.

4. It may generally take 1 week for this type of order to be shipped.