Cooghi R1 Classic Pink Roller Skates

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Color - Sakura Pink

1. Cooghi R1 pink roller skates with turn buckle design for easy on and off. The process of tying shoelaces is omitted, and the buckle can be loosened or tightened by gently rotating the buckle.

2. Cooghi R1 roller skates can be adjusted in length with four gears, suitable for children aged 3-8. Suitable for foot length 180mm-205mm (7-8 inches).

3. R1 pink roller skates use a high-elastic liner, which is detachable, easy to clean, and highly breathable. The baby will not feel tired after wearing it for a long time, it is very comfortable.

4. The free locking wheel rubber plug can fix the two wheels in the middle, and it will be faster for beginners to master the roller skating technology.

5. The pink roller skates have cool luminous silent wheels, fashionable and beautiful.

6. Cooghi roller skates have progressive brake pads, slow braking is safer.

Product Description

Cooghi R1 Classic Green and Pink Roller Skates

● 4 sizes adjustable fit for growing feet, you don't have to worry that your kid won't able to wear our roller skates after a year of use. Suitable for feet with a length of 180-210mm.
● The knob-adjusting system and PP upper make our roller skates super unique and chic. No need to tie shoelaces makes roller skates more convenient and safe.
● Every kid will also love the illuminating wheels that will light up automatically when skating, this adds more fun and extra protection for them!
● A variety of fashionable colors can be chosen. Available in green, blue and pink for boys and girls. Pink roller skates are the choice of most girls. And green is suitable for girls as well as for boys.
Roller skate activity will help children to develop excellent balance skills. Children who exercise regularly sleep better and have stronger immune systems. You will be very happy to see your child's smiling face, when they are skating in the rink wearing these green and pink roller skates.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic kids' roller skates! My child loves them. The adjustable sizing feature means they'll last for years. Sturdy build, smooth wheels, and reliable brakes ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. Perfect for active kids!

Michigan grandmorther

Our granddaughter loves these! She's 5, and loves to roller blades. They're adjustable so will hopefully last a few years.


The best thing I like about these inline skates is that they're adjustable size. I got these skates for my 5 YO and I when I was looking at the skates I wasn't sure what size would fit his feet best. The first time he tried the skates out he fell a lot and had trouble standing, let alone skating in these skates. I'm not sure if he's ready to use the skates yet. The good part is the skates are adjustable in size so in case he doesn't really get into skating right now he'll have a chance to use them later.


The roller skates have great colors, and they fit my daughter perfectly. The shoes are adjustable in length and size, so there's no need to worry about the sizing.

very good quality roller skates

Taking advantage of the event promotion, I bought a pair of pink and a pair of green, the price is really cheap. What really makes me happy is the quality of this pair of roller skates, it is really good, the touch can be felt. The outer shell is hard and the inner is soft. My daughter can't play very well yet, but she loves her new gift.