Cooghi V5 Pro 5-in-1 Universal Wheel Luminous Kids Roller Scooter

Color - Cooghi Green

1. The 360° free rotatable universal wheels make turning easier and more flexible. Even in a narrow space, the steering will be more accurate and convenient. The universal wheels can reduce the friction between the scooter and the ground, and adapt to the uneven ground, thereby reducing bumps and vibrations.

2. 4-in-1 kids roller scooter with light up wheels. Combining four modes of balance bikes, scooters, strollers and walkers. You no longer need to buy multiple forms of children's vehicles, saving you money and space in your house.

3. The universal wheel roller scooter can be used by babies as young as 10 months, and it can be used up to 5 years old. The 360° wraparound fence acts as a protective barrier for your baby, providing a higher level of safety. The fence can assist your baby to learn to walk, and exercise your baby's balance and coordination ability.

4. The push rod can guide the direction. You will reduce bending and crouching while walking your baby, reduce body pressure. You will feel more relaxed when you walk your baby.

5. The height of this universal wheel roller scooter can be adjusted in three gears to adapt to children's changing needs and physical development.

6. Quick transitions between the four modes allow your child to focus on enjoying the great outdoors. You can convert modes as needed to take up less space.

7. The saddle-shaped seat design conforms to ergonomics, and your baby will not be tired after sitting for a long time. Protect bones without affecting the healthy development of bones.

5-in-1 Universal Wheel Luminous Kids Roller Scooter

360 ° freely rotating universal wheels roller scooter. It has four modes of scooter, balance bike, stroller and walker. When you walk your baby, making turning easier and more flexible. The universal wheel can reduce the friction between the scooter and the ground, adapt to uneven ground, reduce bumps and vibrations, improve comfort, and take care of baby safety.

Adjustable Putter Height

The push rod at the tail of the universal wheel roller scooter is adjustable, and parents whose height is between 150cm-180cm can easily operate the putter. When you travel with your baby, you can put your baby in the scooter, and you can push your baby forward. This saves you a lot of energy, instead of feeling exhausted from holding baby, you can give your hands some rest.

More Detailed Design of Universal Wheel Roller Scooter

Customer Reviews

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Salwa Mattar
It’s a good investment. Well done team

It’s a good investment from little ones to tots.


I'm thrilled to write a positive review for COOGHI scooter company! My one-year-old twins absolutely adore their scooter. The design and features are perfect for their age, providing endless hours of joy and entertainment. I must also commend COOGHI on their exceptional customer service. Their team is incredibly helpful and responsive, always going the extra mile to address any inquiries or concerns promptly. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by the lightning-fast delivery to Saudi Arabia.

Design is very ergonomic

My son is currently 1 year old and I had no idea that there would be a scooter suitable for a 1 year old that has so many features and my son can use it for a long time. I compared between this V5 Pro 360° universal wheel and the V4 Pro, and I finally chose the V5 Pro. Overall it's ergonomic and I'm satisfied.

Laura Yan
The best toddler scooter I've ever bought

See, I'm really not good at strong hands-on skills, but V5 Pro is so easily installed! WITHOUT ANY TOOL!
I like it, the most important thing is my son loves it so much! He is so happy when sitting down the scooter and I wonot worry my little son falls down with the fence...

Our son likes it as his 1 year birthday gift

We bought it as birthday gift for our 1 year old toddler who just started to learn to walk. This scooter has everything we are looking for - 1) it has a round circle for protection so the baby has some protection if he falls. 2) the footprint and weight is compact enough for storage 3) The height is adjustable so that we can adjust the seat height for our little one. However, there are only two height settings but I guess the baby will no longer sit on it after he out grows the high setting. 4) it can be converted to a traditional scooter so he can still play it after he learns how to work. 5)the assembly is easy and it took me about 10 mins to put it together. 6) The color is great and both my wife and my son likes it!! it looks very cool!