Cooghi V1 Pro Kids Scooter 3 wheel

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Color - Cooghi Green

The Cooghi V1 Pro kids scooter 3 wheel is available in 5 colors of green, pink, grey, red and blue. This scooter is suitable for children over 6 years old, because it does not have a fence like the V4 Pro, the safety of the V1 Pro is not as high as that of the V4 Pro. The V4 Pro is more suitable for younger kids. V1 Pro kids scooter 3 wheel is a luminous scooter, the wheels can glow.

Differences between V1 Classic and V1 Pro:
1. Both V1 Classic and V1 Pro are PU mute wheels, But V1 Pro's PU mute wheel is illuminated
V1 Classic steering system: steered by a single leaf spring;
V1 Pro steering system: upgraded to a double leaf spring.
Let the child turn more smoothly and safely.

Weight: 2.5kg

● Lean-to-steer Scooter
● Double spring steering effectively prevents rollover.
● Flashing PU wheels - cool and safe to travel at night
● Lightweight & Strong material - Aluminum Alloy material
● Simply fold up & assembly
● Quick-release adjustable T-bar (handlebar) grows with your child
● Geometry and parts engineered for kids proportions
● Cooghi unique color & Imitation sports car line design
● Loved by 300000+ families in 23 countries

● Ideal Child Height: 90-140cm

● Age Range: 3-10

● Height: The T-bar adjustment range is 65-84.5cm.

● Bearing: The pedal bears 50kg.

● The width of the pedal: the width of the pedal is about 12cm.

● Packing size: 58*18*27.3cm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews

I can't recommend this children's scooter enough! It's of fantastic quality and has exceeded my expectations. My child loves riding it, and I have peace of mind knowing it's a safe and durable option.

Treva Hay

I can't recommend this children's scooter enough! It's of fantastic quality and has exceeded my expectations. My child loves riding it, and I have peace of mind knowing it's a safe and durable option.

T.W. Nelson

This children's scooter is outstanding! The quality is superb, and it's been a favorite toy for my child. I highly recommend it to other parents looking for a reliable and enjoyable scooter.

Give your little one the gift of growing up.

This scooter makes a great growing up gift. It helps babies exercise their balance and independent personality. My daughter and I are very satisfied with this green scooter, and now my daughter can easily ride this scooter.

My baby learns very fast.

My baby is learning very fast, he has the courage and interest to use this scooter. Had a fall at first, but I fitted him with a kid's helmet and pads and didn't hurt him.
Now he has been able to master this scooter very well. By the way, the exterior is beautiful.

Product Description


The fashionable and atmospheric design is eye-catching and unique, you and your baby will definitely love it!

The special rounded corner design is to avoid the kids being bumped, so that the baby will enjoy a smooth and safe ride on it.

The high-quality materials provide extra durability and safety.

This kick scooter will accompany your kids for years!


Assemble and Fold in Seconds, No Tool Needed!

Light Up Wheels with ABEC-7 Bearings:

Three light up wheels add more fun and extra safety barriers for your kids. The PU material ensures that it won't scratch the floor inside the house and is more silent when used outdoors.The ABEC-7 bearing has a higher level of accuracy than ABEC-5 Bearing. The size of front wheels is 4.72", the width of front wheels is 9.84", to better maintain balance when riding.

Super Durable and Safe Deck:

The PP and glass fiber material of Cooghi deck add extra resilience, provide ultra Strong Load-Bearing, not easy to break. Passed unbelievable destructive test: Still intact after being run over by a car! The silicone embossed logo on it, anti-slip and safer.

More Safety Secure:

The rear wheel progressive brake, gradually decelerate to prevent leaning forward and avoid inertial falls.The Anti-collision pad is designed for cushioning severe Impact to protect kids.Smart Gravity Lean-to-steer system, make a turn just by leaning your body slightly and steering the handlebars. This unique mechanism will protects against dangerously sharp turns to make sure your kids stays safe while having fun.

Adjustable and Foldable Handlebar:

The adjustable handlebar fits well for growing kids. And the Aluminum Alloy material of T-bar is much more sturdy.


1. When assembling the scooter or adjusting the height, please make sure that the interfaces were settled in the right place and won't move around.

2. Ride with protective gear set and helmet.

3. Do not allow children to ride on highways or places with cars.

4. Do not allow more than one child standing on one scooter at the same time.

5. This is a lean-to-steer scooter. Please teach your little one how to make turns: Leaning their body slightly and steering the handlebars in to the direction they want to turn.

6. Children ride on kids scooters under the supervision of adults.