Cooghi V2 Classic 2-in-1 Scooter Bike for Kids

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1.V2 classic 2 in 1Ā scooter bike for kidsĀ has balance bike and scooter modes, which can be quickly switched between the two modes, easy to operate, and babies can easily learn.

2.TheĀ scooter bike for kidsĀ is suitable for babies aged 1-5. You can switch modes according to your baby's age. 1-3 years old are suitable for balance bike mode. 3-5 years old are suitable for scooter mode.

3.The height of V2 classicĀ scooterĀ has three levels. You can adjust the appropriate height according to the height of your baby. Your baby can use it until 5 years old.

4.The saddle-shaped seat is made of soft silicone material, giving the baby the best comfort. It is theĀ best scooter bike for kids.

5.The difference with V2 Pro: The V2 classic scooter cannot emit light, but the wheels of V2 Pro can emit light when the scooter is working.

Cooghi V2 Classic 2-in-1 Scooter Bike for Kids

Cooghi V2 classic scooter bike for kids can be freely converted between a scooter and a balance bike. This means that users can choose the mode that suits them according to different needs. On congested sidewalks or busy streets, balance bike mode may be more suitable as it offers better stability. And in a spacious road, scooter mode can provide more speed and excitement. This flexibility allows the Cooghi V2 classic to adapt to a variety of different riding needs. Kids can play from 1 to 5 years old, the quality of V2 classic scooter bike for kids is guaranteed.

Progressive Brake Design

The progressive braking system can improve the braking effect and stability of the scooter bike for kids, so it is safer. Kids can gradually increase the braking force as needed to slow down the scooter evenly. Progressive braking systems generally result in less wear and tear on the brake components, which extends the life of the brake system and reduces maintenance costs.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Cooghi V2 classic scooter bike for kids offers an active way to move, allowing kids to unleash their energy and enthusiasm in outdoors. Inspire a sense of adventure by developing their confidence and independence, and create a positive, healthy and fulfilling growth experience for them.

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Customer Reviews

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I was blown away by the level of customer service I received when I purchased this toddler scooter. The installation process was a breeze, and the product itself is of great quality. I'm so glad I chose this scooter for my little one.


I was so impressed with the level of customer service I received when I purchased this toddler scooter. The installation was a breeze, and the product is of exceptional quality. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Amanda Di Marco

I bought this for my son for his 2th birthday. My son absolutely loves it!Ā Seams very sturdy and easy to assemble. Overall very happy with the purchase.


We bought this scooter for our son's second birthday and it's been a huge hit! The quality is excellent and it's held up really well over the past few months. Our son loves cruising around on it and it's been great for helping him develop his balance and coordination.


It was just wow !! I ordered it for my 3yr old baby girl, and she loved it . Most importantly, it is really easy to handle for her !! Thank you