pro scooter sports equipment Cooghi V1 kids scooter

pro scooter sports equipment Cooghi V1 kids scooter

Mr. Smith, who lives in New York, USA, said that as a dad, the most important thing to do with a baby is to run around in the yard and park with the baby. You can run away without a trace if you don't pay attention. This feels like herding sheep.

Having a child with solid athletic ability at home is more tiring. At age 2, he can rush around on a scooter while wearing diapers.

We have all kinds of children's sports equipment at home, and we have bought a lot. For children aged 3+, pro scooter, slide bikes, and bicycles can be said to be the standard "three-piece sports set." Among them, the scooter is the most used, which is small in size, small in exercise difficulty, and convenient to carry when going out. I have bought quite a few scooter, and this is already the third one. Due to the high usage rate, it is often damaged accidentally. Recently, when the child competed with other children, he accidentally fell. After comparing it, he found that the car looked a little smaller than that of children of the same age, and it could not meet the child's current racing needs.

So I bought the Cooghi V1 pro scooter, which can bear 110lb on the pedals. The applicable age can cover the primary school stage; secondly, it can be used by the second baby in the future. It is a beautiful and easy-to-use wheel scooter, and it can further stimulate children's willingness to exercise movement and coordination.


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Cooghi V1 skateboard experience:

Cooghi is a relatively well-known brand in children's sports equipment. As a parent, you will always hear about it. I, a sportsman who loves science and technology, will be attracted by these parameters, especially the one on the promotional page that can bear up to 110 lbs. You must know 110lb can be regarded as the weight of an adult, and it must be challenging for a 3-8-year-old children's scooter to achieve such a figure.

After buying it and taking it home, the child immediately ran to help unpack it. When he saw that it was his favorite pink, he couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear. The whole vehicle has been pre-installed at the factory and is directly installed in the box. No accessories need to be installed, and you can start using them after taking them out. I tried it at home, and the sliding control is flexible and accessible. And the noise is unexpectedly minimal, which is the feeling of a high-end ergonomic chair with PU silent wheels.

Taking out the previous scooter for comparison, the circle is larger, and the structural design is more aesthetically pleasing. The powder-gray color scheme is simple and attractive, and the details are handled in place. For example, the outermost part of the front end is the wheel. When encountering a slope or an obstacle, the wheel first collides, which has a certain buffering effect. The anti-slip rubber pad in the middle is designed to be broad, not easy to slip, and enhance control. At the same time, the entire body is more comprehensive, and the left and right spans of the front wheels are larger, which is more stable when turning. The wheels are custom-made. The outer layer has a rubber layer of about 0.4Inch. It is carved with nails. It is soft and hard and has good vibration reduction and wear resistance. The handle is also treated with the same non-slip rubber wrapping, which can prevent sweaty hands from slipping off. It is recommended that children need helmets and protective gear when playing together. Wrestling alone is a trivial matter, mainly to prevent injuries caused by being directly hit by other children.

I saw the pedal's parameters with a load capacity of 110lb. I tried it on the 115lb pedal, and it felt quite strong. I slid it directly without any pressure. There is no sense of blockage when the wheels are overloaded, and it is still smooth. The flat plate of the body is not even deformed when overloading. The design strength is high. Children are not able to wear it out. The one-button folding and retractable design are straightforward; press the lock button and turn the handle, which can be done in a few seconds. Remember to consider this function. In the past, children who took a walk would only play on the scooter for half an hour. After playing, they would abandon the scooter and play with other things with their friends, and I would run with the scooter on my back. Now, after being folded, it can be dragged away like a small trailer, and the task of herding sheep is much easier.

Regarding taxing experience, the child is a "veteran driver" and "takes off" as soon as he gets started. The posture of use is correct. Now both feet can be put on the cardboard; one foot is in front, and the other is lightly stepping on the brake on the upper part of the rear wheel to control the speed and stop at any time.


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The gliding is very stable, and you can enjoy the wind while watching the road conditions.

The speed has also improved, the game is more daring, and the fastest speed is directly reached, which is the confidence brought by the improved handling.

Seeing her expression of enjoyment, I know she feels the joy of sports. The products of professional brands do have a different experience. In comparison, the few models I bought before were toys to learn how to scooter. Still, this can be regarded as sports equipment, satisfying entertainment and learning while also satisfying specific competitive attributes. , allowing children to experience the essence of challenging and pursuing the limit in sports. This Cooghi V13 wheel scooter is actually of good quality. When I, a 115lb adult, stood on it and could slide, I agreed with it very much, and I can even praise it. Not to mention, the design of the whole vehicle has kept every detail that can enhance the user experience, from silent wheels to integrally wrapped armrests, wide skateboards, and even foldable designs that are easy for adults to drag. This Cooghi V1 scooter for kids is perfect. If you are looking for a better scooter for kids, the Cooghi V1 scooter for kids will be good for you.

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