Cooghi Pink scooters for girls

Embrace Adventure with Pink Scooters: Cooghi's Dreamy Collection for Girls

Embrace Adventure with Pink Scooters: Cooghi's Dreamy Collection for Girls

In the world of scooters, the color pink often signifies more than just a hue—it's a gateway to dreams, a symbol of fun, and a reflection of personality. Cooghi, a brand dedicated to weaving imagination into reality, brings forth an enchanting collection of pink scooters, specifically designed to cater to the aspirations of little princesses everywhere.

Pink Scooters for Girls: Princess Dream Come True

Cooghi scooter V series has 5 models, from V1 to V5, with increasing functions and modes. Each model, cloaked in a delightful shade of pink, stands as a testament to Cooghi's commitment to blending style with functionality. These scooters are not just means of transportation, they represent confidence and individuality. They're gateways to adventure and fantasy.

Cooghi collection unveiled

V1: The original invention
With its sleek lines and refinement, the V1 is the most ubiquitous version of the girls scooter. It is a foldable scooter. It is very convenient to store when traveling or shopping. V1 is suitable for children aged 2-10 years old.

Cooghi V1 Pink scooter for girls
V2: Combination of scooter and balance bike
V2 adds a balancing bike mode and becomes a 2-in-1 model. Buy a kid's car and you'll get two models of toy cars. Your little one can have lots of fun in the park.
V2 2-in-1 trick scooter

V3: Convenient push rod
V3 adds a push rod based on V2. When your baby is tired and doesn't want to operate the scooter, you can push the scooter forward. This also saves you a lot of effort.
Cooghi V3 scooter

V4 and V5: childhood friends
Designed with the youngest kids in mind, the V4 and V5 break the traditional idea of a scooter. Because V4 and V5 are suitable for children as young as 10 months old, the 360° surround fence fully protects children's safety, ensuring children under 5 years old enjoy a safe and enjoyable journey. V4 and V5 include all modes of V1, V2 and V3. V5 adds 360° universal wheels to make it easier for parents to turn while walking their baby.
V5 Pro scooter

Beyond Pink: Green Scooters for girls and boys 

While the pink scooters embody the dreams of young princesses, Cooghi recognizes the diversity of interests. Hence, they offer an array of green scooters, The green color is very bright and easily catches your eye, perfectly suited for both boys and girls. The versatility in color ensures that every child finds their perfect scooter, resonating with their individuality and preferences.

Cooghi V5 Pro Green

Safety and Durability: Cooghi's Promise

Cooghi places paramount importance on safety and durability. Each scooter undergoes rigorous testing to meet safety standards, guaranteeing parents' peace of mind while their children embark on their scooter adventures.


The world of scooters is more than just transportation, they symbolize freedom, imagination, and confidence. Cooghi's collection of pink scooters caters to the whimsical dreams of little girls, inviting them to embrace adventure in their own vibrant style.

Whether it is the basic V1, the 2-in-1 V2, the V3 with a pushrod, or the V4 and V5 that accompanied childhood, Cooghi ensures that every ride is not just a journey but a cherished memory.

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